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Using Your Own Body To Fight Cancer | Wesley Wilson | TEDxUWA

In this talk, Wesley shares details on understanding how cancer works in order to develop new treatments and better practices. What is immunotherapy and …

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  • I’m in maintenance for acute lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

  • I often wonder if the diet I've followed for about 15 years might alleviate cancer. It is about 92% fluid dairy products–cream; half-and-half; and whole, 2%, 1%, and nonfat milk. (All these are cow products, as opposed to vegan.) My impression is that when the nutrients from these fluid dairy products reach the body cells via the blood, they are more broken up and possibly softer than the nutrients from solid food, and hence clog the cells less, so the cells work better.
    In my case, the diet helps with a pesky eye problem, where when I eat solid food, my vision blurs and eyes hurt, but for the reasons in the prior paragraph, my eyes feel and work better on my 92% cream/milk diet.
    For this reason, the nutrients being more broken up and I think softer from cream and milk than from solid food, I think my diet might alleviate many diseases.
    Another diet component of alleviating cancer, I'm guessing, is weight loss. I think, although not sure, that my diet might help weight loss. For one, milk and cream are delicious, but they largely fill you up with zero-calorie water, so you feel quite full and satisfied without ingesting too many calories. Also, since the crream/milk nutrients don't clog the mind as much as solid food nutrients, one can think more clearly, which is a help in controlling appetite/food consumption.
    But I'm not sure. When I was eating mostly solid food before the last 15 years, I had no orientation to weight loss. It's only in the last 15 years, while on the 92% milk/cream diet, that I've become oriented to losing weight, and I've learned lots of techniques to keeping my weight down. It's possible that the techniques would work well with mostly solid food, and I could keep my weight down as well with mostly solid food as with my diet. But I really don't want to try because I'm very happy with the 92% cream/milk diet. So I'm not sure if my diet is superior for weight loss and control.
    However, I am sure that the first benefit I mentioned, that the nutrients from cream and milk are more broken up than the solid food ones and hence the cells work better on the 92% cream/milk diet than a mostly solid food diet, is quite true and accurate.
    I know in the talk you disparaged a diet with a lot of dairy products, but my experience has been that it is superior.
    There are some more aspects to my diet, so reply if you are interested.

  • Great presentation but said nothing…

  • he started out promising then dropped back to narrow pharma mode…epic fail🤦‍♂️

  • Wrong title!

  • Dr. Bresynkie's anteneoplastin therapy works for many brain and other cancers! He lives in Texas and has had to battle the gov. many times and won!

  • Yes we know immune system gone haywired contributed to cancer, and this fact is already known for quite sometime. However, immunotherapy (IT), the various varieties 'invented' till now, are very very costly to a typical citizen/government and the methods used are not without any long term side effects (it might cause a lingering problem, the body attacking some parts of its ownself, happens when the immune system is tinkered with).

    There are cases where IT seemed to have shown good response but the full picture/statistics with larger number of subjects? Benefits to cost is also another very big issue. The benefits is usually only published as 5 year survival thing to indicate therapy usefulness/helpfulness

    IT is where pharmas are keen for big bucks. Most of the costly etc therapy proposed by big pharmas have the side effects being published as a side note, and such a disclaimer is where big pharmas can protect their own profits from being taken away by their own claims. Profit based capitalism does help political funding = what would we the people expect?

    Ppl do contribute to charity for cancer research, the bits and pieces of information fr the research are disseminated and published, some type of capitalists took the info (for free) from public domain, put the pieces together, claimed an "invention" and they get billions from it, even if the drug (development) have 'used' humans subjects (typically free volunteers) to eventually help the drug approval. The current system is skewed, there should be a cap on the amt of profits gained by a drug…. after passing such threshold profit, the cancer drug should no longer be covered by patent protection

  • Your right, Scientists need to stop thinking about how to treat cancer and instead think about how to put it to sleep long enough for the immune system to find it and notice that its bad so it can kill & remove it on its own…. Even if they find a method that puts the cancer to sleep only for a day at a time…. Each day will add up and each day your immue system will fight it and it will disappear! They need to do more studies on what Cancer & Abnormal cells DO NOT like! What puts those cancer cells in panic & fear, what it confuse those cells to unveil themselves to the immune system…

  • Lot s rodeo and time speaking and can even said, “ the cancer cell has 2 lines and he takes one out for the NK cell not recognize it.
    This is continually. A lot of entertainment and nothing about cancer. What ever degree he has, waist the time on it.
    I think he work for a FDA. Under grown hiding inf experts.

  • This guy is a moron remind me to never listen to another one of his speeches

  • It's a parasite for crying out loud

  • Urine. Therapy bee therapy scorpion therapy. MMS therapy. Zapper therapy. Changing your diet to a living food while on any of these methods will help clean your system are the toxins that created the problem drinking distilled water will carry out the positive in Organics out of your body it is the only water that can do this leaving only the good stuff in your body

  • This guy is part of the problem complicating something very simple they can be cured with something very simple

  • The best cancer cures are free and there are many of them if they are shot down because they are free by many organizations around the world they destroy natural healing this is very unfortunate

  • Talk talk talk everybody likes to fill the void with so much b***** talk and then in the end give a very little information

  • thank you

  • I cured myself, for anyone interested check out my story

  • Dr Wesley No CML Survivor is not 5 yrs. l am 37 years CML Survivor Thank God. Begs

  • You gotta be kidding me, Greeks learned every thing they know from Egyptian and they still can't cure cancer.

  • Nausea is what makes chemo so effective. It forces the patient to go keto.

  • Why is frequency treatment never mentioned? Rife was curing all cancers before they put him out of business.

  • How you cure cancer depends on what caused it. Unresolved physical, mental or environmental stress seem to be the main causes. If you remove the root cause you cure the cancer.

  • My sister did chemo and radiation and it only destroyed her immune system and allowed her tumor to grow uncontrolled. She went from a 95% survival rate to terminal status in less than 8 months. Search Royal Rife machine (M.O.P.A.), Rick Simpson Oil, Fenbenzadole, Vitamin C injections, Immunotherapy. My sister is doing these and we are seeing slow progress with Stage IV cancer. The RSO has allowed her to get off ALL morphine which was causing nausea, bloating, constipation, mental decay, etc. yet the pain management through the hospital continued to try to get her on pain "medication". If you know someone who has cancer, do not give up hope! Research away from Google (they censor many subjects), use Duck Duck Go for example. Watch "Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies" to see what the Rife technology has been able to do since the 1930s.

  • “Recalled by Life”
    Read the book

  • Mr. Wesley Wilson! Please read this …..Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline Body! To my knowledge most people have a PH level of 7.6 or lower. This is an Acidic state that cancer loves. Yet…..all one needs to do is take a daily dose of Magnesium (400-500 mg/day!)
    Cancer be Gone!!!

  • I need your help i have Malignant melanoma, it started in my eye, then went to my liver, it has came back, i am in a study IMCGP100.

  • I have a dear friend who's battling cancer. The chemo created so many other problems in her body. Now, along with the cancer, she's having to deal with permanent chemo damage.

  • Cancer can remind biologist that a cell is more than just a unit.

  • This is a joke 5 year survival what happens in the sixth year humm. Unless you have an agressive cancer your life expectancy is usualy higher than 5 year anyway. With out doing anything.

  • MAWA may be able to assist you by providing a scholarships and access to there labs.

  • Mopping up the water without turning off the faucet. This is the current Western Medical Model as we know it today. Treat the symptoms. And it's fundamentally flawed. To successfully deal with any problem in life, you must address the cause. When you understand the root causes of cancer, you understand that the cause is also the cure. Pharmaceutical based approaches to cancer will never be the long-term answer, because pharmaceuticals do not turn off the faucet. They're only capable of mopping up the water. This approach misses the forest for the trees. How many cases of cancer 'remission' from chemotherapy are then followed shortly after by relapse and "back with a vengeance" ? There was a humble German physician in the 1930's who understood very well the causes of not only cancer, but also most so-called 'diseases'. Toxicity and deficiency. Toxicity of the body by environmental and food-borne toxins. Deficiency of essential nutrients the body requires for proper metabolism and function. He proved his hypothesis correct by curing the so-called incurable. TB, cancer, and others. He understood how to turn off the faucet. He systematically removed the toxins from the bodies of his patients, and flooded their bodies with the required nutrients they had been lacking for a long time. This approach changed their metabolism at the cellular level. The body and its DNA instinctively know what to do and how to react when given the right raw materials for health. Cancer and all diseases can not survive in a body with the proper aerobic metabolism, provided by the correct raw materials, devoid of toxins. Animals in the wild instinctively know what to put in their body and what not to put in their body. They avoid external toxins at all costs, because they know instinctively it might cost them their life. Cancer and other diseases in wild animals is very rare, for this reason. Humans eat whatever they want, and are exposed to many external toxins, every day. Unless and until these root causes are recognized and addressed by mainstream medicine and our health agencies, Cancer and other chronic diseases will always be a scourge to the human race.

  • Nice video, explained so many technical points. However, we need to know about prevention measures and foods that help in fighting cancer.

  • Where doctor who die who cure for cancer once u get open up its kill u I had half family cancers

  • This guy’s cure is ex-lax because he is full of 💩!

  • Look up Rick Simpson. He made an oil that save 3 of my friends.

  • Cancer research requirements= fundings right>

  • I found out that I had lymphoma cancer this last October. Then after my 1st round of chemo I had a blood bacteria too. I had to survive my blood bacteria before I could survive my cancer. I survived both of them, I'm cancer free, and done with my chemo.

  • 💪🙏🏼

  • why not just say its against the law to cure cancer has been since 1939 and that in the 80's GCMAF was found in the body that cures cancer ? it's natural so needs no licence ,but people are being killed or jailed for using it because it costs the same as insulin rather than 20'000 that chemo costs, so makes big pharma no money ,thats the truth

  • Wish I would’ve read the comments first.

  • Decades of research and 100s of billions of dollars with no significant reduction in the incidence or mortality of the 4 main types of cancer. But wait, gives us more money and maybe we will someday find a cure, he says.

  • Reading the title I was like: "Well whose body would i use anyway?"

  • Try Fasting

  • Your A QUACK Doctor!

  • Useless Doctor talking Chemo a Failed 50 year old MUSTARD GAS shame on you !