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Tale of Tales – Official Trailer

Fabulous in every sense… Gloriously mad, rigorously imagined, visually wonderful” THE GUARDIAN Own it now on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital …


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  • Does anyone know the trailer song? Sound very nostalgia

  • Omg i've been searching for this film. I watched it on the place a few years back and it was so good that I have been trying to find it. I really recommend it

  • Real ones know this was on Netflix

  • 😳😔🤦‍♂The Hollywood movies seens all you bollywood to trying help him but family don't understand you not seens seens to family why him to dangerous acts🤦‍♂

  • New 🍉🍉🍉🍊🍊🍊🍊🍋🍋🍋🍋

  • This movie is amazing. I love Salma Hayek

  • Do you people even know where the stories are adapted from?

  • I don't know about this movie until today that I see salma profile and films.

  • If you want a movie that is delightfully different, watch this one.

  • 1:25 now that's an ass !!!

  • I have literally just heard of this too!! Wtf!! 👌🏽

  • This is basically a mix of Game of Thrones and Legend of The Seeker…
    I love it. I’m watching it.

  • If you want to see another movie that has a mystical & almost supernatural feel to it then watch the 2001 French Movie " The Brotherhood Of The Wolf "

    But I do stress that you listen to this movie in its actual language of French & put the Subtitles On, as still to this day movies can be horribly dubbed to the point they even change what the actor(s) have actually said and this was never more true than the first 3 Bruce Lee movies which were at times they would completely change the very concept of the line or conversationwhat one character said to the point it's completely interpreted wrongly…

    In this film the story takes place in 18th-century France, where the 2 main character's Chevalier de Fronsac and Mani of the Iroquois tribe are sent to investigate the mysterious slaughter of hundreds by an unknown creature in the province of Gévaudan…

    It's based loosely on the " true events " of the slaughter of 100's French citizens living in 18th Century France by " The Beast Of Gévaudan "

    The true number's of fatalities was never really known but this movie gives you a chance to see what was described as this beast by those lucky enough to have encountered it & lived to tell their tale…

    It was huge news at the time worldwide, just as huge as the Jack The Ripper case… Even The Vatican ordered an investigation into why so many people were being slaughtered by this Beast Of Gévaudan…

    It's quite a smart movie & doesn't drag along at a slow pace & if you watch it without any preconceptions then I think you'll come to like this movie just as much as I did & I bought on DVD as soon as it was released…


  • مافي احدعربي هناياخوان

  • I watched this movie but I don't remember any scene with salma hayek even tho this movie made me nightmare cuz that bald big guy is gonna be killed and a lot od people to PLUS the sister of that "young" Beautiful girl (grandma) is going to TAKE HER SKIN OFF AND ACTUALLY I FREAKED OUT I couldn't sleep the scene of that women with blood the cuted head repeated in my head I now i still remember this

    I watched this movie 🤣 on TV my mom is like come to see this cool and interesting movie and then when we got further there was too much scenes that I couldn't Handle

  • Comment here if you watched the movie and actually liked it! Fucking wasted 2 hours of my life.

  • This movie was incredibly amazing and incredibly pointless at the same time.
    It's a must watch if you love Cinema, especially medieval theme, because it's so well shot, every frame is beautiful and a lot are breathtaking.
    But I warn you that you will not sleep well after watching it. You will keep wondering what was the point of it, and some horrifying scenes will haunt you.

  • "Can you filet me?"

  • Superb!


  • I’m looking for a link o the movie…, please

  • I'm confused.. what is this movie even about?

  • Me and my cousin watched this last year and still cant understand a single shit

  • Is this appropriate for an 11 year old

  • crap of the craps..

  • Wtf did I just watch!!!

  • I guess that I didn't got confused because I already knew the fairytales. The read-before-watch thing.

  • I love fairytales, specially the ones from Basile. It was a big surprise to find a movie based on them.

  • I personally enjoyed the feeling of being confused throughout this film lol

  • I wanna slap that thumbnail girl's enchanted ass! 😍

  • Is there any way to live away from these people? I don’t think they’re the same family…

  • Worst movie i've ever seen. I just waisted 2 hours of my life.

  • It was very… Let's say sick

  • Eating the heart of a powerful beast to ensure the birth of a powerful child. Sounds familiar.

  • Never has a movie given me so much anxiety. The visuals are fantastic!

  • They made it look really good, and it might have been really good, too. However, the ending was extraordinarily confusing.

  • beaRbeaR

    Author Reply

    A wasted 2 hours of time

  • Pretty good movie ! Out the blue on netflix !

  • I can't wait to see this movie just to hear John C Reilys accent and figure out how they incorporate a black, gay and transgender character into a medieval fantasy movie.

    Oh and the ass is at 1:24

  • Not bad, neither good….Weird, weird, weird film… What else there is to say?

  • you guys have no idea how perfect this movie is, the location, the story, is not a typical story of hollywood action A fight B , this is pure story telling, and every scene is beautiful and magnificent, mythical and mysterious

  • Pranenwary@65com

  • Prince wary

  • That redhead got ASS

  • This was a stupid and boring trailer

  • That was so bizarre in every single way

  • fake

  • This movie should change it's name to Combine crap of different shits

  • I fell asleep twice during watching this crap
    P.s. it's a record of my life