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Pikachu 2018 PC version – Onet Paradise

Free on Google Play:

Find all matching pairs. Funny, challenging, this is Onet game!

This is a simple game genre easy to play for all ages, with the familiar image, the legendary uncle animals have special powers and is curved trainer, popular games almost all ages and especially we bring comfortable feeling when playing, please try to pay via animal cute matching game genre familiar two identical cards.

✓ The main objective of this game is to remove all icon tiles.
✓ Tap the icon tiles to select it.
✓ Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected within 3 lines.
✓ Remove all animals before time up.

★ 2 game modes: Onet Fruits, Onet Animals
★ More challenging level
★ 15 levels games free with all directions of title: Move to left, right, up, down, middle and reverse.
★ Degree of difficulty increasing by each level.
★ Save and Resume Game
★ Save battery for your phone

Onet Paradise is simple yet addicting pair solving puzzle game or matching game with a fresh gameplay. If you like connect / matching game, pet match, paopao, link link, then your will love to play Pet new animal free.

Spend plenty of time to play free games and relax!

Nguồn: https://quanchayngon.com

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://quanchayngon.com/tong-hop/

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