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Nvidia PhysX – Increasing Game Performance

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NVIDIA PhysX – 9.12.1031 Driver

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Qhia peb mus tải lub ứng dụng pitu los ua video
  • yo wtf, i tot my hs is broken on the right side, tht just the effect from the vid 0.0

  • You Are the best

  • will this work for a 1070 ti?

  • theres no win 10 and I uninstalled the NVidia thing thaks for nothing

  • Thanks man I've been wanting to play Mass Effect 2 and now I can thank you so much

  • Tanks dude……………………….

  • Is it just my computer, or does PhysX use up a hell of a lot of CPU to make everything JUST in the game faster? Like I can't even run Beam.ng and spotify at the same time anymore but I'll admit, Beam looks way better.

  • If you are having problems with Phyz-x, buy a dedicated phyz-x card. Great video though.

  • Thanks bro! Mass Effect 2 xd free in origin

  • intel hd 4000 family ?

  • do u need nvida for this program

  • but doesnt it make real time animation rendering easier?
    GTX 750 ti

  • I just wanted to let you know that I love you.

  • will it work in 32 bit?

  • I was wondering if you can help me because im trying to play mass effect 2 but it keeps saying this"Failed to initialize the physics system. Please ensure you have an updated version of the PhysX System Software installed" when i already have it installed. Please help me!!!!!!

  • Actualy yes yes no

  • مع نفسك ياحلوو انا احبك

  • if u playing games with an Amd card just get a ppu and you will be amazed how good those old PhysX cards are with an Amd 7770 and a Nvidia Ageia PhysX 128MB DDR3 PCIe Card W056C and every phys x game works except mafia 2 and im running max setting on 1080p an all my games

  • 670 woot woot nice video tho

  • SosaSosa

    Author Reply

    PhysX works on all systems. In systems with AMD GPUS, the CPU handles PhysX. nVidia just has accelerated PhysX. It's not even a big deal anyway, there are like 10 games total that even support it.

  • Well I'll give you that you're right. Also one more thing, How can I be a fanboy if I don't currently use an Nvidia card and I prefer AMD?

  • SosaSosa

    Author Reply

    And what do you mean by king? BF4 is on AMD isn't it? Care to elaborate?

  • SosaSosa

    Author Reply

    Quit being a fanboy. Do you even know what compute means? You're just talking about CUDA operations for video editing. OpenCL is just as good, there is a reason Adobe picked it up. All nVidia cards can do now is play games and video edit if CUDA is used. Ever heard of bitcoin mining? Something that actually uses the compute performance of GPUS? There is a reason that the 7970 was 3x better than the Titan at bitcoin mining. It's because nVidia strips the card's all around performance.

  • You can easily buy a $100/$150 for a GTX 640/650 and set it as a dedicated PhysX to get full PhysX for AMD. 🙂

  • It took you that long to reply this. Really Nvidia is the gaming king right now and most people use Nvidia. Even for non gaming applications people use Nvidia cards they're not weak if they would be weak AMD would be the leader of the gaming world come on now use your brain.

  • SosaSosa

    Author Reply

    They have extremely weak compute capabilities.

  • works fine for me

  • Doesn't work. With PhysX on, fps drop to 6. Also, my GPU usage decreases from 99% to 0-15% when I turn it on. Any suggestions? Without PhysX, I get 35-60 fps maxed out.

  • PhysX on the CPU is far from being as good has Nvidias PhysX if you have a radeon card which I do you lose a shit ton of frames if you try to push PhysX because it doesn't work well on the CPU. Nvidia cards are far from weak their new series 7xx is better than the AMD cards right now we'll have to wait until the new ATI cards to see how they hold up . Also Nvidia cards are just getting better and better I myself prefer AMD but cannot ignore than Nvidia is the leader right now.

  • Nvidia cards "weak"?

    What are you on?

    I prefer AMD for one reason only, ATI was a Canadian company.

  • war frame going to a sick ps4 release ")

  • Also uninstall 3d vision related drivers , those really kill frame rates in some games like Witcher 2 when using Windows 7 .

  • Why don't you V sync the game?

  • gtx 580/590 run tressfx just fine. Direct compute is the determining factor of TressFX which majority of AMD cards have power in.