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May 2020: Google Apps Updates – Google Lens "Copy to computer", YT Music Redesign & Google Assistant

In this video am gonna give walk you through the most interesting May 2020 updates for Google apps: Google Lens May 2020 Update: – You can copy text to …

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  • I can't believe I found a channel that offers me news about updates to Google apps. That's really good.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  • Very useful my friend, thanks so much.

  • In Android 10, these functions are also available

  • Bro please add subtitles in your video English subtitles

  • Great video, great timeline organization, go on you are the best

  • I was blown away by the Wellbeing app.
    Sleep mode, change everything to black and white, preserve battery while you sleep. Awesome !

  • 90 percent of the viewers are Pixel experience users. 10 percent are Pixel users

  • 👍👍😎😎

  • Not available on play store and apk mirror

  • Love these Google app videos. Please keep doing them. Have subscribe for this reason

  • I've found some new interface when taking a screenshot. After I take one I have some Android 11 interface letting me share the screenshot and stuff

  • Another good one, I learned several new functions of which I was previously unaware.
    When the delivery is articulate and detailed as this, it is a pleasure.

  • It even understands my writing

  • I hate your Egyptian accent, it's really annoying and pathetic.

  • Hi bro… I'm using pixel 3a XL… Since the stock camera don't have pro mode can you suggest best pro mode camera app

  • In the future Would you set time key to jump between topics
    I came for the Google Assistant only 🥺🌚

  • Excellent video Imad. 🤘🏼

  • هو مش YouTube Music مش شغال في مصر

  • I like how you're staying up-to-date with music

  • Are you a masry?

  • I see you a man of culture as well(im talking about Eminem, even got Bad meets Evil)